Text Box: Data Analysis and Mapping for Decision-Making




Spatial Metrics Atlantic was established in 2001 and incorporated (Spatial Metrics Atlantic Limited) in 2005. It provides services for the analysis and mapping of geographic data. The company was founded by David Pitcher, B. Sc., who has more than 30 years of experience in geomatics.

The company has regularly provided services to municipal and provincial government clients since 2001, and has also conducted projects for federal and private sector clients including Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Maritimes and Northeast Pipeline Limited, ExxonMobil and Colliers International. It has operated profitably since its inception. In recent years, SMA has focused on support services for the creation and maintenance of the Nova Scotia Civic Address File (NSCAF).

The key strength of SMA is analytical geomatics. Whereas the majority of the geomatics industry is directed towards the creation and management of Geographic Information Systems datasets, the focus of SMA is on using these data as inputs and deriving information that is used for decision-making. The analysis process can include constraint mapping and suitability modeling, as well as proximity analyses and evaluations of data integrity and quality. Often, the results of such analyses are tables or written reports rather than traditional maps, although mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are fundamentally required to conduct the process.

Beyond the internal resources of SMA, the company maintains an association with other small businesses through an informal cooperative that provides access to other specialized services such as engineering, marketing, planning, geology, biology, and web-based mapping.